knock knock it's knuckles
is there a texture pack for that game

i’ve heard the new vision mod is popular

there’s also the high definition texture package

i prefer to play it as is, it’s v charming

reloading in deus ex because you accidentally stepped on a kitty

also a good part

also a good part

the best part of deus ex

the best part of deus ex

when you actually talk out loud to the people in the video game you’re playing


agentkaz replied to your post: I just want to play my blue-and-orange…

have you ever played deus ex you can do a lot of stuff in that one

Which Deus Ex do you think is the “best” because there are a few Deus Exes and I don’t know which I should invest time in first.

the first one and human revolution are the best, human revolution’s a prequel to the first one but i think it’s better to play the first one first because all the cameos and whatnot in human revolution probably make more sense. i haven’t played invisible war (the sequel to the first one) yet but i hear it’s kinda crappy, and the fall’s a kind of mediocre mobile port that should probably be played after human revolution if you really really want more deus ex but i don’t think it’s as horrible as everyone says it is.

also there’s a book called the icarus effect that the fall ties into and it’s pretty good


Grunkle Stan & Strong Bad finally confess their feelings

I got my friend to animate this Vine!

took the liquor store test, it was p easy (mostly math and we got calculators), and then i got cantaloupe (!) bubble tea and went home

nice day even if it’s hot

today i’m taking a test for working at a liquor store

i don’t drink